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High Efficient Gas Fired
Boilers & Water Heaters

Indirect Fired Water Heaters
Package Storage Water Heaters
Gas Fired Water Heater
Indirect Fired Steam Boilers
& Generators

Storage Tanks and Calorifiers
Low & High Pressure Boilers
Low and Hig
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h Temperature Boilers

Near Condensing Boilers        

Three Pass Fire Tube Boilers
Oil and Gas Fired Vertical Fire Tube
Boiler and Water Heaters
Oil and Gas Fired Volume Water Heaters
Boiler Feed Units
Low Pressure Steam Boilers

  Adamson Global
Technology Corporation

Old Dominion Replacement
Heat Exchangers
Electric Instantaneous type Heaters
Electric Storage Water Heater
Combo of Electric and Steam or Boiler Water Heaters
Fire Pretention Tanks
Double wall Tanks

Infrared ceiling heaters
Infrared wall heaters
Infrared patio heaters

F & T Steam Traps & Repair Kits for
other Manufactures
Tunstall Steam Capsules
Thermodynamic Traps
Apollo High Capacity Traps
Pressure Power Pumps
Inverted Bucket Traps
Steam Vents and Vacuum Breakers
Manual Radiator Valves

Thermostatic Radiator Valves
Electric Radiator Valves
Thermostatic Diverter and Mixing Valves
Cooling Valves
Differential Pressure Valves
One pipe Steam Valves

Zone Valves
Butterfly Control Valves up to 24”
Globe Control Valves up to 10”
Terminal Unit Control Valves
3 & 4 Way valves
Wireless Thermostats and Actuators
Damper Actuators

Pressure Independent Control Valves
Automatically Balanced Temperature
Control Valves
Adjustable Cartridge & Externally Adjustable
Automatic Balancing Valves
Preset Automatic Balancing Valves
Differential Pressure Controllers
Thermostatic Control Valves
3 Way By‐Pass Module

ASME Air Separator
ASME 200 PSI Booster Tank
ASME Chill Water Tank
ASME Epoxy Line Storage Tanks
ASME Flash Tank
ASME Hydro Pneumatic Well Tanks
ASME Expansion Tanks All Types
Hi Capacity Air Vents
Residential Expansion Tanks All Types
TDV and Suction Guides
Chemical Feed Tanks
Flex Connectors
Glass Lined Storage Tanks

Innovative heating products for the commercial and industrial industry